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We are catalysts for unifying a community around a shared vision and actionable agenda for equity and transformation built on public-private partnership, system re-design and infrastructure investment.

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As a collaboration hub, we are focused on advancing a future-oriented, coordinated approach to community vitality, health and well-being in agriculture and rural communities. We embrace the numerous roles we can play to accelerate a community’s collective vision for building a better, just and healthy future for itself.

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We unite communities driven by a collective desire to transform the broken systems of today by cultivating high-functioning cross-sector collaboration and community involvement that is focused on physical, digital and human capital infrastructure and design.  Under One Roof is demonstrating how systems change and innovation can genuinely be community-led and transformative, leading to lasting improvements in overall health and well-being.

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We are driven to understand diverse viewpoints, perspectives and experiences. We build relationships and foster mutual trust. We hold ourselves accountable to the community as a whole.


We bridge issues and silos to cultivate systems thinking. We create structures, approaches and methods that foster collaborative dialogue and doing. We translate and integrate action between local, regional and national partners and resources. We focus on systems re-design and generating opportunities to make things better.


We flex to fill gaps and mobilize the resources needed to advance the community’s shared vision. We build partnerships with investors to create a sustainable stream of public and private resources and funding.

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Poised for Innovation and Investment

Tight-knit families. A powerful work ethic. Pride in community.  Trusted, experienced organizational leaders providing an array of supportive services.  A fertile, generative landscape.  These are the assets of Watsonville, within a farming region known the Pajaro Valley, located on California’s Central Coast.

Brimming with promise, the community of nearly 75,000 is young with youth and young adults comprising over 50% of the population. The community is 85% Latinx with 77% speaking a first language other than English. The vast majority of households are intergenerational - grandparents, parents, children all living together.  Most work in agriculture with many in the community earning household incomes below $25,000 annually. 

Seeking to build upon prior successes and current collective impact efforts, this community has embraced Under One Roof as an opportunity for building an integrated model for change that is created and co-led by community members and leaders from across all local sectors.  As a catalyst for unifying community voices and multiple perspectives, Under One Roof will foster authentic community engagement, discourse and discovery utilizing DesignThinking 2.0 tools and approaches as a method for empowering the region's immigrant, farm worker community.  With a future vision and actionable agenda defined, we will support the community in transformational implementation with a formalized process for systems re-design, infrastructure investment and ongoing community collaboration.  

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